The Key to Social Media Success

Social media success depends on this #1 key component whether you are a veteran social media manager or just starting your business’s social media account. We’ve all spun our wheels in the social media muck-pond, but regardless of where you’re at in your journey, this post will help you.

The feeling of constantly checking your social media account to see how many likes you have gotten, how many people your brand has reached, or the general response to your content is one that typically underwhelms business owners and brand managers.

But no need to fret my young social media knight! For there is one simple rule that will steer you toward conquering your social media management once and for all. The #1 key to success on your social media is (insert drumroll) … consistency!

Social Media Success is Consistency with Frequency

The first and most important kind of consistency revolves around posting frequency. And it doesn’t matter if you have 1 follower or 1 million.  If we take a look at almost every social media platform, it is clear that nearly all big social media companies are after one primary objective: users spending time on their platform. As a result, social media companies have designed algorithms that reward frequent publishing on their platform. So, the most simple way to skyrocket your overall engagement and reach is simply to publish content frequently.

We will dive into what exactly “publishing content frequently” really looks like, but for now, you can go by this very simple rule: Post at least once per day. By doing this you supply the algorithm with ammunition to shoot your reach to the moon.

Social Media Success is Consistency with Branding

Second, you must be consistent with your branding. Try to give your content a general theme – oftentimes this theme will reflect your branding choices through colors, logos, fonts, etc.

The consistency across your content will allow your audience to easily recognize your content and your brain to stick into the minds of your audience. Additionally, make sure that this branding is clean, concise, and visually appealing (future blogs will be made about how exactly to create this type of content).

Social Media Success is Consistency with Messaging

Third, you must be consistent and concise with your messaging. Messaging ties hand in hand with creating great content. You should aim to have your message be clear and concise both in the content itself and in the caption.

We live in an era dominated by scanning rather than thoroughly reading text. Your posts ought to account for this by keeping messing consistently scannable which will also lead to improved engagement. Now, a few disclaimers before we go.

  • These strategies will increase the overall reach and engagement of your social media account but not necessarily the results of each individual post.
  • This can be easy for the first few weeks, but over time it can become increasingly difficult! Creating the right content and having the time to publish it is not easy and requires hard work … wait for it … consistently!
  • While this is a general outline, each social media audience is unique, so feel free to calibrate your content, messaging, and frequency that makes sense for your audience.

We’ve been sharing this advice for over a decade to many, many naysayers over the years and we are happy to see much of the social media marketing experts around the world starting to share this same message.

Gary Vee has taken it to the extreme, suggesting you should publish 100+ times per day. We realize this is probably not possible for most managers, but that’s why we created Evergreen.

Social Media Success with Evergreen