Tech founders and engineers have gotten the spotlight lately for being evil maniacal geniuses who build computer programs to control our minds by hacking the social media algorithm.

While you are free to make your own judgments on their character, social media creators do build complex algorithms that are meant to use human behavior for the benefit of their company. Most social media companies have built complex algorithms around both the behavior of the consumer and the producer. To clarify, the consumer is the person endlessly scrolling through their social media feed and the producer is the person/business putting out the content for the consumers to, well, consume. 

Thankfully, it has been becoming clear over the past few years how social media marketers are hacking the social media algorithms to their advantage.

Hacking the Social Media Algorithm

The key to running a successful social media account is understanding how these complex algorithms work in relation to consumer and producer behavior. Let’s break down these algorithms and show you how you can use that knowledge to double your engagement. 

Almost all social media companies are for profit businesses which means that their #1 goal is to make as much money as possible. How do they do that? Get as many people to post and browse their platform as possible to drive up ad-revenue. They do so by rewarding accounts for posting frequently. As crazy as it may sound, the bottom line is this: the more you publish content, the more people the algorithm will allow to see your content. The best thing you can do to grow your social media account is to post as often as possible. 

In fact, after we have published tens of millions of pieces of content on our own accounts and studied the countless more from our users, we’ve determined that publishing frequency is the #1 Key to Your Social Media Success.

Not only will this method grow your organic engagement and reach metrics, but it will also make any paid ads run exponentially more effectively. When social media advertisements are directing users to your page, posting frequently makes it clear that your social media page is actively managed. This builds trust, rapport, and subject matter expertise among your audience and contributes to the ethos of your business. 

How to Hack the Social Media Algorithm

So, how exactly do you hack this algorithm? Luckily, there are numerous software tools that allow you to hack the social media algorithm.  We’re biased, but we think Evergreen is far and away the best tool and we welcome you to judge for yourself by scheduling a consultation with us.

Beyond that, Facebook has a built in tool called Creator Studio which allows you to schedule posts far in advance for both Facebook and Instagram. If you want to take it one step further, you can of course use well-known software services such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, etc. These software tools take scheduling one step further by adding in a variety of other advanced features. While you still need to do the grunt work of making the content and scheduling posts out, these softwares are great for those who already have a decent grasp on their social media. 

Of course, Evergreen can schedule a year’s worth of posts in just a few minutes.  Plus, our content team builds a full custom content library that’s entirely unique to your brand and helps all businesses with hacking the social media algorithm.

These blogs were written purely for educational purposes, but every once in a while, it becomes beneficial to educate you on our own company. I will attempt to do so with as little bias as possible – please feel free to make your own judgements and decisions. Evergreen gives users the ability to generate engaging content and fully automate posting so that you can post frequently without manually scheduling anything. This allows users to hack the social media algorithm with very little work and puts your business in prime position to succeed on the digital battlefront. With great wisdom comes great opportunity, so take advantage of hacking the social media algorithm and set forth on your social media conquest.