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In the first month, the average Evergreen customer sees:

Hours/Month Saved


Increase in Interactions


Increase in Post Reach

“Evergreen is literally the most effortless marketing tool we’ve ever used. We set it up and now it works for us every day and night without even thinking about it.”
Dr. Bryan Laskin


“Without Evergreen, we probably wouldn’t have much presence in social media, but every week our followers just keep going up and up.  I love looking at the daily rise in Facebook likes!”

Dina Simon

President/Chairman, Simon Says Give

“Now that the content is done and we’ve got the library lined up, all I can say is: Wow. That was easy.”
Erin Wagner



How It Works

Social Media Content

Evergreen AI Content That Drives Awareness

Customized Branding

Evergreen graphic designers create stunning content custom for your business using AI!

Proven to Work

After running thousands of social media accounts, we know what type of content works the best! Plus, it’s AI optimized over time for your brand and your audience. 


It’s simple, if you are not proud to post your content, you receive a full refund. We promise.

Software That Makes A Difference

Never Publish Again

Evergreen’s automation software publishes for you so that you can say goodbye to scheduling and publishing forever. Seriously, never worry about it again. 

Optimization That Works

Evergreen’s optimization software ensures that your social media is always getting better. Learn more about how your social media can be taken to the next level. 


Social Media Plans & Pricing

How to be successful on social media

Let Evergreen do it for you!


Post Frequently!

The #1 key to success when running your social media accounts is posting as frequently as possible. At minimum, aim to be posting 1-2 times a day so that your social media’s algorithm will know that it needs to boost your posts!

Post Evergreen Content!

Evergreen content allows your audience to look at your social media and ALWAYS find value in your posts. Usually, you can break down Evergreen content into three categories: educational, inspirational, and entertaining.


It’s a myth that reposting content hurts your social media – it’s actually one of the most powerful things you can do to drive enagement! By reposting content you know has done well in the past, you are guaranteeing your success!

(just wait a bit between those posts)

No Commitments.

Only Results. 

We know the struggles that come with running great social media. Our customers love Evergreen because it makes eliminates those problems overnight.

For a limited time, Evergreen is available for $3/day to businesses of all sizes who qualify!