Your B2B Social Media is More Important Than you Think!

Nearly every single day we hear: “my business is B2B so we don’t need social media.” 

I wonder what Gary Vee says when he heard people say that to him for 10+ years when his entire business is B2B and 100% of his marketing was social media. 

Almost 4 billion people use social media and yet there are still business owners who think that social media is beneath them. You might be offended reading this post about this mindset, but seriously, it’s time to wake up and smell the digital roses of success! 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a silicon manufacturer or the world’s leader in underwater basket weaving utensils for enterprise clients.  Truth is, every single business benefits from having a social media presence.  Even more so if it’s a good one.

While it may not be the primary platform of business interaction, branding on social media is incredibly important to the overall success of your business. B2B social media is directly linked to your business’s SEO success and will often be one of the first things that your clients view when researching your company. 

In this sense, social media is directly correlated with how other businesses view your product, services, and brand. Nothing says “untrustworthy” or “illegitimate” better than a neglected or absent social media presence.  Would you trust a business without a website today? The same is becoming true about social media more and more each day.

Think about these things:

  • Your Facebook page hasn’t published content in the last week
  • Visiting your LinkedIn presence reveals just has a few articles
  • The last tweet from your company reads “happy national dog day” … from 2016

You are implying that your business is not professionally run or fit for the modern business environment. Consider your business’s social media as an extension of your website — which for your clients, it is! 

We all know that a website that looks like it has not been updated since 2010 is a major turn-off for potential clients looking for a legitimate business to work with. The same principle applies to your social media! Especially since the Covid pandemic revolutionized the way we do business, social media has become a staple for almost every business out there. 

When browsing potential business partners, if your clients compare your out-of-date digital media practices with the ones of your biggest competitors, what would they see?

Running a B2B social media, however, is slightly different than running a B2C focused business account. Instead of focusing on the sale, B2B social media accounts ought to be focused more on brand image. 

Making your social media more about branding and less about the sale means that you should be focusing on providing your customers with valuable information rather than pushing the sale.

Focus on communicating what your business does, how it can provide value to the customers, and how trustworthy your brand is. This is the messaging that builds trust between your business and your potential clients by acting as a virtual representation of your business and its capabilities. 

So next time you think your B2B organization doesn’t need a social media presence, think again. Your business not only needs you to create a digital presence, but it needs you to do it the right way right away.

If applied correctly, your B2B social media could radically transform the way your company is viewed by past, present, and future clients, and doing so will allow for a step out of the digital shadows and into the modern world. 

And if you need help, of course, we’re always here to provide a free consultation.  We look forward to learning more about your business.

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