One of the main reasons why businesses fail to post on social media as often as they should is due to a lack of content! 

We get it.  We were there once, too.  That’s why our founder created Evergreen in the first place.  He is our biggest user with over 1000 accounts of his own that post exclusively via Evergreen and have since 2016.

Without a designated content designer, copywriter, and editor, creating consistent content that accurately reflects your business’s brand might as well be impossible. Agencies that businesses can hire to make content tend to be prohibitively expensive. So, how do you get the most bang for your buck out of your content?

Enter Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is designed to always be able to provide value to your audience – no matter when it’s published or viewed. This type of content is the type that can be reused and recycled over and over for years and years while still maintaining its ability to engage and impact your audience. We like to break down Evergreen content into three parts to make things a little bit easier to visualize:

  • Educational
  • Inspirational
  • Entertaining

Below we will look at these parts and provide some examples to help you understand what it all means. 

Educational Evergreen Content: 

Educational Evergreen Content

Educational posts provide information to your audience about your specific business, industry, or business environment. Most of the information about your business might already be written.  Go hop on your website right now.  Is there copy that can be pulled directly from your website that you can turn into a reusable social media post that educates your audience? 

This includes information such as 

  • Your mission statement
  • Services descriptions
  • Product images
  • Origin stories
  • Testimonials 
  • Etc., etc. 

All of these things can be framed in a way that allows your customers to learn more about your business and build a more personal connection with your brand.  With the added bonus that if you share a post about it this afternoon, there’s no reason you can’t post about it again in 6 months.

Inspirational Evergreen Content: 

Inspirational Evergreen Content

Inspirational posts often come in the form of quotes or stories. 

This type of content is great for making your audience stop and think — even if it’s just for a few seconds — about the post while also absorbing your brand along the way. 

While educational posts are meant to inform the reader about your business, inspirational posts are meant to have your audience relate their own experience to your business. This fosters a strong relationship between your business and potential clients. 

It’s important to recognize that some of the most powerful content lies slightly between the educational and inspirational categories. This powerful content manifests itself in the form of ratings and reviews. 

We all know how powerful reviews can be on Google, but they can be even more powerful on your social media! Usually, ratings and reviews only appear when potential customers search for your business, but when published to your social media, these hand-selected reviews will build social proof and trust among your customers and only further their conviction towards your brand. 

Entertaining Evergreen Content: 

Entertaining Evergreen Content

The last category of Evergreen content contains posts that fall outside of the first two categories, yet still provide value in some form to your audience: Entertaining posts. 

Examples of entertaining posts include: 

  • Fun facts
  • Quick tips
  • Memes
  • Relevant comics
  • Funny company pictures
  • … and much much more 

These types of posts are often meant to simply provide further brand awareness while driving your reach and overall engagement. Surprisingly, this category is the most common category for social media managers to use because the content ideas are almost endless. But they can also be the hardest, depending on your brand and its relationship with a more casual context.

We recommend sprinkling a healthy amount of entertaining posts into your social media content library if it suits your brand so that you can diversify your publishing patterns. 

Ok, now that you have learned about what Evergreen content is and seen a few examples of how to create it, it’s time to quickly go over how you should be utilizing this amazing content. 

We have gone over this in previous blogs, and will most likely address this in future blogs, but the #1 thing you should be doing with all of this content is posting once per day. If you have all of this content, it’s critical that you publish at least once per day (often more depending on how many followers you have). There are many software tools that allow you to schedule these types of posts so that you can do the work all at once rather than over an extended period of time.  

But obviously, we are partial to automated social media content publishing with Evergreen and we’d be happy to schedule a demo to help show you why we think it’s the best way to manage it. 

Creating the content is step 1.  But once the content is ready, it’s time to use the content to expand your audience and build your following of potential customers. 

After you begin posting your Evergreen content, it’s important that you are consistently monitoring your social media to analyze which posts are doing the best and which ones are doing the worst. This will allow you to get a taste for your audience’s preferences and provide a base on which you can base your future content (for what it’s worth, Evergreen Insights automatically optimize your library with our AI engine). 

For example, if your inspirational posts are time and time again outperforming your educational content, it might be wise to add in more inspirational content and less educational content. Keep that in mind moving forward on your social media journey, and remember that social media is hard and takes time to learn and calibrate for your audience. Keep with it and your business will thank you in the long run! 

If you would like more insight on evergreen content or want to talk about your social media with one of our experts, you can schedule a conversation using this link. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!