If you’re reading this article, it can be assumed that you are well aware of the critical role that social media plays in the overall success of your business and its brand. 

Now business owners are left thinking “I know that I need to do this thing, but I don’t know how and don’t have time.” You feel as if you are in a never-ending cycle of social media mistakes! Often the solution to this problem is hiring a social media manager in some way, shape, or form. This social media manager is usually an existing marketing manager, a millennial friend, or any other type of person one might assume has the social media skills to help your business. 

We know that at least 91% of U.S businesses are on social media, but this doesn’t mean that 91% are successful on social media. In reality, the majority of these businesses fail on social media simply due to the lack of proper management. 

To understand how to solve this problem, let’s take a look at why this type of failure happens. 

Social media managers need to have more than experience running social media pages – they need to have experience running successful social media pages. Too frequently, business owners end up hiring social media managers whose only qualifications are that they are young and have run their personal social media accounts or a few small accounts. 

There are a few primary mistakes that this type of inexperienced social media manager falls victim to which causes social media pages to stall out and eventually die. Let’s take a look at these social media mistakes.

Social Media Mistakes #1: Infrequent Publishing

First, if your social media manager is posting only a few times (1-5) per week, your social media page will not grow. In order to expand the number of people who see your post (aka your audience), you need to be posting at least once per day. 

Simply put, social media managers who do not understand this will only lead your business’s social media to failure by neglect. If you have not hired your social media manager yet, check to see how often their previously managed accounts have published content. 

If you currently have a social media manager who is not living up to this necessary exception, make sure they understand what it takes to succeed. 

Social Media Mistakes #2: Valueless Posts

Second, your social media manager needs to understand that your content should be delivering value. Always. 

A social media manager who thinks that posting “happy national dog day” is a good value add to your social media is a good sign you should rethink your team. Great is often delivered in the form of “Evergreen” content meaning that anyone in your audience could look at your social media at any time and be able to find value. 

Think about infographics that let your customer know information about your services, testimonials, ratings, etc. Content that inspires, educates, or entertains your audience will always be a hit.

Social Media Mistakes #3: Neglect

Third, social media managers should never simply post and forget. It’s incredibly important that social media managers are constantly checking in on their social media to answer comments, follow similar accounts and most importantly, check to see which posts are doing the best! Checking in on which posts are doing the best will allow your social media manager to anticipate what types of posts will do well in the future. 

Many of the most successful social media account actually repost the content that has done well for them in the past because they can be confident it will do well again! Good content is good content, no matter how many times you post it. 

At Evergreen, we see people make these social media mistakes all of the time and can tell you from experience that simply by making a few key tweaks to your posting strategy and content, your social media can and will succeed. 

We hope you find the time to sit down with your current social media manager and talk to them about what it truly means to succeed on social media. Layout a plan for success and make sure they follow it so that you can avoid these deathly social media mistakes. Your business will thank you!