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About us (edit)

Ahoy! We are team of designers and programmers who simply want to develop/create amazing projects for you. With long years of harvesting experience we think we are ready to give it a try in theme designs. Our inspiration is simple – life, it means it can be anything around us and inside. We hope it will be fun journey, sit back and enjoy.

About the theme. A light weight clean and simple wordpress theme for everyday use. Bunch of useful features like, responsive design, united color schemes, slider with lots of options, fast to learn administration panel layout, plus, clean and easy visual design and it’s all free. Currently project is in development stage, but we think it’s better that way because with your help we can fine tun in to perfection!

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Some of bussines partners that we are proud to call friends Starym Karate chop Boxel Wingline Wafele Everyday theme (edit)

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