Brush, Floss, & Post Daily

Schedule a year of Facebook posts in 3 minutes (most do it even faster) 

What is Your Biggest Loss in Social Media?

Not posting enough! Our research has shown over and over that if you want to engage more people and drive your social media growth, you need to publish frequently!

We get it, not everyone has the time or the content to publish daily.

That’s why we invented Evergreen.  In 3 minutes, you can have your social media publishing scheduled for an entire year!  Seriously!

Content Creation

No more digging through old content folders or settling for mediocre content! Our creative team will generate 365 days worth of engaging content specifically made for your business!  

Automated Publishing

Evergreen publishes for you so that you can focus on more important things. With just a few clicks, Evergreen’s proven software can make your social media literally effortless! 

Insightful Analytics

Track the success of your individual posts as well as your overall account performance with your analytics tools! Too busy for numbers? Evergreen will send you weekly insights that informs you of your performance! 

No. More. Work. For. You 

Meet Everbot! Everbot will be the person- or robot rather – publishing your content! Everbot works day and night to make sure that you never have to publish on your page ever again! Just set up our preferences and let Everbot do the rest! Everbot is flexible and works with you to make sure that your social media is a well oiled machine. 

Your Content – Your Way! 

Evergreen provides the content you need to keep your page fresh and your audience engaged! 

– Gain access to public content libraries! 

– Get branded content made specifically for you! 

– Upload your own great content too! 


See Your Success!  

Keep track of how your individual posts are performing as well as the overall performance of your account. Get weekly emails that give you full performance reports so that you always know you are getting your moneys worth! 

You could spend thousands on a social media manager or…

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Don’t Believe Us? 

Hear it from our customers!

“Evergreen is literally the most effortless marketing tool we’ve ever used. We set it up and now it works for us every day and night without even thinking about it.”

Dr. Bryan Laskin


“Without Evergreen, we probably wouldn’t have much presence in social media, but every week our followers just keep going up and up. I couldn’t believe it the other day when we flew past 4500 followers, even though we only spend a few minutes each month managing our Facebook Page. I love looking at the daily rise in Facebook likes!”

Dina Simon


“Now that the content is done and we’ve got the library lined up, all I can say is: Wow. That was easy.”

Erin Wagner


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